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Victor Buck Services - Luxembourg
13-15, Parc d'Activités
8308 Capellen
T: +352 4998661
F: +352 499861


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Over the past 14 years, Victor Buck Services has continuously enhanced its service offering to the financial and utility community. Based in Luxembourg, home of the largest service hub for cross border funds, we have developed a range of solutions to support our partners in providing their clients with the best of bread Client Communication Management, Dematerialization/Legal Archiving and Regulatory Reporting solutions.
Whether your organization is active in the financial or none financial sector, being an Asset Manager, an asset servicer, a fund distributor, a bank, a telecom company, or more, our service offering is truly global and will drive efficiency in the distribution and preservation of any information and documentation. We support cross border funds and domestic funds in diverse regions such as Europe and Asia. Victor Buck Services offers you a complete value chain from data capturing to preservation encompassing enrichment, amalgamation, translation and delivery.