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Citabel Golf groupe CWA - Luxembourg
2, rue des Scillas
L-2529 Howald
T: +352 22 53 35 11



CITABEL GOLF belongs to the CWA group with its famous names in Luxembourg like Bati-C, Bâtiself, Hoffmann's, Citabel Sports, Intersport and S-Cape.
We are leader on Luxembourg's sport market and more specifically in the golf industry.

Citabel Golf is the biggest golf shop in the greater region with a surface of 800 m². We have a wide choice of apparel and golf gear.

We are proud to have a wonderful indoor area with the latest technology golf simulators available on the market .

Citabel Golf also has its own corporate section with the best quality products to promote your company. We can provide all tee gifts or golf goodies with your company logo or compose endowments for the price giving. We even have our own embroidery service.

Last but not least we are proud to have our department called CITABEL GOLF EVENTS: we can help you launch a product or help you communicate in a different way than usual by organizing your very own golf tournament. Citabel Golf Events is able to provide you with an all-in-one solution.

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