In a week, Marketers will organize its first event of the season, discussing the topic of Voice Marketing with several local and international experts.  The organizers will notably welcome Charlie Cadbury, the CEO of Say It Now, who took the time to answer some of our questions before flying to Luxembourg.

What are the origins of voice search & vocal marketing? How and why did it enter the marketing sector?

Smart speakers are the fastest selling consumer tech product ever.  Smartphones took 3 years to sell 50 million and there are now more smart speakers in US huoseholds than radio's.  Smart speakers are changing behavior towards transactions and a recent report by OC&C Consultants reports that "Voice Shopping Set to Jump to $40 Billion By 2022, Rising From $2 Billion Today”.  With this as a touchpaper brands have realised that a presence in voice is imperative. 


How have customers' behaviors changed over the last years? Why? What did voice marketing & voice search bring to the table?

Yes, there are huge parallels to the growth of smartphones.  When apps started to emerge they were mostly low quality and people didn't see the benefit but as the channel became better understood and quality improved, trust in 'apps' increased and more and more brands have them as a core part of their service delivery.  We will see the same with Voice Skills & Actions / Voice apps.  Over the last few years, the quality and functionality that can be delivered has increased exponentially.  Education is a key part of this and voice marketing is a big piece of the pie.


Can you share with us some examples of your work? How did it transform the customer experience provided by those brands?

In 2016 I started working with Marriott to help bring out a voice and chatbot powered in room concierge called Dazzle.

We pivoted that business into the rail sector at Say It now we've been working in branded voice experiences for clients like DIageo, this Whisky tasting skill, marketed at point of sale increases likleyhood to purchase in store. See more below:


What are according to you the next trends in voice marketing?

Utility and ubiquity.  These assistants will be everywhere.  Amazon's current mantra is 'Alexa everywhere' the next couple of years will see more voice assistants in cars, earphones and everywhere you are.  The big trend is re-framing your voice assistant strategy from smart speaker to assistant, a digital utility that is with you everywhere and you will be able to delegate more and more tasks to.  This is about constantly reducing friction from your life.


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Publié le 10 septembre 2019