On May 15th and 16th, more than 100 experts will gather in Luxembourg to share their knowledge on the topics of digital. After a first morning of conferences, international and local speakers will discuss the latest customer experience trends. Do not miss their presentation and register now for the tech & web summit: www.ictspring.com/register

The session will start with Master of Ceremony Poline Montano (COO, Jobtoday) welcoming Federico Pizzutto (UX Expert, Docler Holding) on stage for a presentation entitled "How Customer Experience will chance in 2018".

A fireside chat with Claire Crugnola (Coordinator, Lorntech) and Tristan Viller (Founder, The Place to Wish) will follow.

The organizers will then welcome Filip Nuytemans (General Manager for Western Europe and Central Eastern Europe, UBER Eats) who will go over the company's strategy, dealing with the future of food delivery.

A round table moderated by Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz (Managing Partner, Expon Capital) will bring together Nicolas Princen (CEO, Glose), Javier Juncadella (CEO, Nektria) and Axel Schmiegelow (CEO, itravel), prior to a speech given by Boris Maleev (Investment Manager, Gazprom Media ETV), entitled "Corporate venture investing and how bi majors are dealing with innovative companies".

A Startup Insights session will feature Snify, Concept Store 3D, Mu Design, Orbis Holographics, Cabin 3D, Runergy, Fair & Smart, Spoertia & Razrcorp.

"Why you should invite designers to the strategy table?" is the question asked by Dimitrios Konstantakatos (UX Designer, PwC).

Finally, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse (French athlete, specialist of 800 meters and World Champion in 2017 in London) and Benjamin Compaoré (French athlete specializing in the triple jump) will discuss the use of technology in order to improve the sports industry?


Do not miss their presentations and register now!

Publié le 08 mai 2018