By The GreatBrands Team.

Today is the day! The new version of the GreatBrands platform is live! Over the last couple of years, we’ve been working very closely with our clients to understand how we could make the brand protection processes simpler and more cost effective.

The platform we are releasing today is the fruit of these conversations that have taken us all over the world. Understanding where the pain points are at every step of the journey for our clients, as well as for the professionals who help their clients protect their brand, has been key in designing the new version of our platform.

Unsurprisingly, the conclusion of all of this work is that, above anything else, everyone wants to save key resources, such as time and money, when building the protection that goes around their brand. Of course, we all want to save these precious resources, but the challenge for us was finding out how to do so consistently and scalably.

First, we needed to understand which of the processes was the most time-consuming, and our answer to this particular issue was the creation of the Class Selection Engine.

We’ve been testing the Engine for months, and now instead of taking an average of 2 hours to find all of the right classes, it takes less than one minute. Now, our clients just need to select the classes that are most relevant to their business, and the job is done.

Then there’s the user journey. We’ve designed the platform to be as intuitive as possible, so that over time our clients will be as independent as possible when protecting their brand. Of course, we will always be there to help, but any self-respecting platform should strive to provide the clients with the tools to get the job done, simply and cost effectively. We have also included a knowledge base so that our clients can learn about brand protection, if they want to dig deeper into the subject. We understand that our clients are not looking to become brand protection specialists, but providing the context behind the process allows them to understand why some processes take time.

And because we are talking about being cost effective, you might be wondering how we have kept the cost of brand protection so low… Well, given that we have automated a large part of the processes, we are simply transferring the economies of scale to our clients. It must be said that there are some incompressible costs related to the filing fees, which cannot be avoided. However, reducing the cost of brand protection has meant that our clients end up being able to protect more of their assets, through trademarks and design marks. This means that our clients' brand portfolios are even more comprehensively protected for the same budget, or less, than they had originally planned.

Furthermore, our clients understand that brand protection is not a cost, it is a real investment in the future of their company. We tell our clients that the brand protection world operates on a “first come, first served” basis. This means that no matter how long someone has worked on his company, if the brand is not protected and someone else files for a trademark or design mark, the original creator can lose all his hard work, because they are not allowed to use their name and logo anymore. We do not like to be scaremongers, but we have found that very few people understand that this is a real contingency.

Our Partner Network has also been a great support for us to understand where the market wants and needs us to spend our time and effort. Making it extremely easy for them to help their own clients to protect their brands has helped us continuously improve our own value proposition, and understand what we needed to improve on the platform.

Part of our value proposition is the business approach we take when considering how to help our clients. We try to understand what our clients’ do, so that we can offer them the best protection possible. This approach has allowed us to help clients protect brands that some other professionals have found impossible to protect. Only by truly understanding the clients’ business can we find the right argumentation as to why the brand can and should be protected under the selected classes. we can support them throughout the entire process.

That being said, the day that one of our clients needs to defend their brand in front of the Court of Justice, we are also there to help, since we have built an international network of lawyers. So if one of our clients needs legal assistance in Brazil, Norway, China or anywhere else in the world, we will take care of it

We have also been working closely with IP professionals, including lawyers, to understand how we are making their lives a lot easier. We are saving them time by reducing the time required to perform non-value-added tasks, freeing up their internal resources to carry on servicing their clients in the most cost-effective ways possible.

We are very excited about how our platform is going to impact the IP world, and we are looking forward to helping companies protect their brands, no matter what stage of development they are at.

We are constantly improving the platform, and this new version is going to carry on getting better as our clients provide us with their valuable feedback. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those companies and individuals who have contributed to making GreatBrands a reality, and with whom we are looking forward to carrying on working in the coming months and years.

Looking forward to seeing you on our new platform, and as always, if there is anything we can do to help, feel free to reach out to us.

Publié le 13 août 2020