On March 16th, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg addressed a speech to the country to bring his support to citizens during these turbulent times.  

He affirmed that measures taken by the Government will for sure have an impact on everyone’s daily life but those decisions, even if they were not easy to take, remain quintessential for the country. 


He appeals everyone to take this pandemic situation seriously and requires a national solidarity. At the same time, he thanked all the people who already demonstrated a lot of solidarity among each others. 


He declared:


“We know that the virus, which is currently paralysing the world, can be very dangerous for vulnerable people. It is essential to limit the spreading of coronavirus and to make sure that as few people as possible get infected. Each of us has a great responsibility.”


The Grand Duke concluded by bringing his support to all authorities as well as the medical and care staff for their great effort and work. 


At the present time, Luxembourg counts officially 140 confirmed cases.

Publié le 17 mars 2020