“Our history with Finologee goes way back and we are very proud to have lead their rebranding. Following a workshop for their brand strategy, we have developed their whole identity based on a humble hero archetype and their tagline ‘Empowering Fintech Excellence’. The website and all the other supports were adapted with the new brand identity”, says Quattro Creative’s team on its website.

After launching Finologee’s rebranding a couple of months ago, Quattro Creative created with Finologee a little case study video about the whole process they went through to arrive to this result. Much more than a simple rebranding, this was a great marketing strategy exercise and Finologee and Quattro Creative are very delighted of this collaboration.

“It really pushed us to identify our core values … and positioning as a brand … what we really stand for. And we are delighted by the result, we feel a lot more comfortable and in sync with our new identity,” said Raoul Mulheims, CEO of Finologee.

"It is always a pleasure to work with Raoul Mulheims, given that he was my employer for 10 years at Nvision and Mpulse. This long collaboration allows us to fully understand Finologee's needs…”, said Nathalie Matiz, Creative Partner at Quattro.

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Finologee is a fast-growing digital platform operator of robust, ready-made, and compliant systems and APIs for open finance, digital onboarding, KYC lifecycle management, professional payments as well as telecom routing and micropayments. The company was launched in 2017 to deliver compliant cutting-edge technology with a reliable user experience. Finologee already serves more than 100 banks and institutions and handles more than 25 million transactions, messages and end-customer interactions per year on their behalf.

Publié le 06 juillet 2021