Docler Tech Talks (DTT) is a monthly online event created to digitalize the tech conference experience. As an IT company, Docler Holding believe that fostering knowledge, innovation, and growth in information technology is an important factor to its success.  Thus, DTT provides a free platform for those interested to gain a deeper understanding of the digital world. From HTTP and UX to digital marketing and cybersecurity in the modern age, the DTT delves into all tech topics. 

Each tech talk usually features on an expert from Docler Holding and an external professional, as the two discuss, debate, and have fun with the topic at hand.

How It Works:

Tickets to attend the livestream are available on our dedicated website: The session is interactive and fun as questions can be asked to the speakers throughout the talk.

Upcoming Tech Talk:

The next Tech Talk is on social media: The in's and out's, the secrets and tips, the misconceptions and truths: Social media management is more complex than it seems.

Expect an insight into being a Social Media expert: We'll explore when to post, how algorithms work, tips and tricks, and common misconceptions about the job. Join the discussion and listen in on Thursday, June 3rd at 3pm and grab your ticket here.

Publié le 01 juin 2021