The propagation speed of COVID-19 compelled the Luxembourg Government to take radical measurements. During his last address, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, declared that all activities welcoming publics and not essential to daily living shall be closed.

However, as soon as gatherings of more than 5000 people were cancelled, the event industry started to be impacted. Thus, today’s statement is crucial for the sector’s economic situation.

Professionals from the event industry are not only worried by the cancellation or the postponement of procedures, but also by the economic impact this crisis will induce at the end. 

Behind all events, several actors are investing resources: organisers, locations, logistics, services providers.

Summary of events cancelled in Luxembourg so far:

- The 10th edition of LuxFilmFest

- Relay For Life

- The 19th cavalcade of Esch-sur-Alzette

- Horesca’s General Meeting

-The new edition of LuxSkills, national careers contests

- The Awards Ceremony of Young Journalist Contest 

- Fit 4 Start Pitching & Graduation Day: replaced by «visio-pitchs»

- University of Luxembourg House Open day


Moreover, all football and handball games are cancelled indefinitely, as well as every concert in the Grand Duchy. 


Concerning some of the rescheduled events and the list keeps growing everyday : 

- Game of Code: June 19th and 20th

- ICT Spring Europe: July 7th and 8th

- Springbreak : July 2nd to 5th

- The 25th edition of Postlaf: postponed by one year

- Great Place to Work for All: postponed by one year

- Finals of the Luxembourg Basketball cup: new dates to be announced

- The 10th edition of Moovijob Tour Luxembourg: June 12th

- Alfi’s European Asset Management conferences: new dates to be announced

- The Arch Summit: October 28th and 29th

- Friddensmarsch: June 20th


If you wish to add your event to the list, contact

Publié le 16 mars 2020