As the pandemic continues to monopolize headline news, artists around the world are using the situation to send a message throughout their work; they decided to showcase how to manage this circumstances and how they’ve been coping with the Coronavirus outbreak. 

This video of a matches stepping out of the line became viral in a few hours


Also, when several movies released are postponed due to the context, some old movies or books met a restored popularity. It’s including The Plagueby Albert Camus (1947), The Standby Stephen King (1978), The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (1981), or Contagion by Steven Soderbergh (2011). 


All of them have a common point: the fear against an outbreak. 


Dear Marketers, is now your turn to call your creative spirit and to share also your vision about this situation, on social medias with the hashtag #Coronart - everyone need fresh air - and do not forget to tag @marketerslu

Publié le 17 mars 2020