On May 21st and 22nd, more than 100 local and international experts will share their knowledge and best practices in the fields of FinTech and Digital. Artificial Intelligence will notably be addressed during the AI Summit. The organizers will welcome Katrina Fok to discuss an appropriate response to fake news.

Katrina Fok is the Marketing Manager of Spectee Inc., a Tokyo-based AI news agency that first participated in ICT Spring 2014 as a Selected Startup. Today, Spectee Inc. is one of the fastest-growing AI developers in Japan specializing in patented solutions for news organizations and governments. Katrina is passionate about the societal implications of AI technologies for the media and is active at international conventions. Prior to joining Spectee Inc., she worked at Kantar Added Value and Japan’s Best Global Brand MUJI in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Her presentation will be entitled "Responding to Fake News: AI, Media, and the Post-Truth Era". She will be on stage on May 21st, at 4:45pm. Do not miss her presentation and register now: www.ictspring.com.

Publié le 15 mai 2019