By Anshul Gupta, Founder, RazrCorp.

First ask yourself, are you an influencer or an amateur?

Any person can take 10 good pics, 5 good filtered videos, talk about Fashion, endorse random beauty creams & think they are an influencer.

Well, these type of creators are generally known as amateurs. Having followers doesn't make you an influencer, it establishes a fact your content is good for sure. But is it worth paying?

There are 3 types of personalities we deal with everyday while we onboard creators:

1. Creators: Anyone with a smartphone today is a creator, probably makes 1 billion of us

2. Amateur: Extremely crowded category who have some follower count & consider themselves experts in multiple categories

3. Influencer: Few from the amateur category ever reach the influencer category, the audience genuinely takes them seriously.

To be able to monetize their influence, influencers need to up their game, here the top 10 reasons why we think influencers need a premium content destination.


1. Find your Niche

Be a specialist than a generalist. Don't be a Fashion|Beauty|Travel|Lifestyle|Blogger. Be a Fashion & Beauty one. Less is more. Select a combination of 2–3 interests not more than that. Audience hates a know-it-all person. This is the biggest trap everyone falls into by endorsing random products, speaking on topics which they have no idea about & thus becoming a jack of all trades.

Getting the objective right is the key thing. Define where you want to be in the next 3 years. Are you here for the long-haul or for some quick money endorsing mobile phones & shoes?

Work on defining your content strategy. A good influencer has a content calendar, a promotions calendar in place & has a mix of VOD(video on demand), live streams & how to’s.

1. Episodic videos

2. How to videos

3. A consistent LIVE stream at fixed times

4. Photos


 Is your content following trends or is it creating trends?


Good content is

1. Original & explores new concepts

2. It lives & breathes an experience

3. It’s your unique story for the world


2. Understand the opportunity than following the bandwagon

What do most influencers do? Mindlessly end up creating content & promoting random brands only to find one single day that whatever they have done over the last 3 years has no real value to them except making a few bucks, getting invited to few parties & having vanity metrics.The pressure of randomly putting stories, to keep up with engagement.



Publié le 03 décembre 2020